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THIS TWINING LOOM IS THE BEST MADE ONE EVER. NO NAILS TO HIT YOUR TOES. ITS VERY STURDY It is use for twining different size items with one loom that can be assembled or disassembled without tools and easily stored!
Easily assembled by hand, without tools.
Written and Hand Drawn Instructions Included.
It is adjustable to multiple sizes. Picture #3 shows a 20" X 32" rug on the loom.
The third crossbar can be used to adjust to multiple lengths.
The Side rails have multiple holes for adjusting the sizes of the length.
Top and Bottom Crossbars have multiple holes for adjusting width.
The eye bolts allow multiple adjustments for different widths.
Overall size when assembled is 47"H X 28"W Depth is 3 1/2"
A very fantastic loom! Shipping included.

The large rug size: 25" X 41 1/2"