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Our Knitting Boards are made from 100% hardwood, with ball tipped metal pins. Each board has patented recessed knitting surface for ease of lifting the yarn, and adjustable wood spacers of 1/2", 1", and 1-1/4" settings to separate the boards and achieve many different effects. The steel pins are spaced just 5/16" apart for easy knitting- 84 pins for 84 double stitches. You can use all the pins or just a few depending on your project. The maximum knitting width of this board is aprox 30"-45" depending on the yarn and spacers being used.
This board is required in making the boot kit that is offered in the AUTHENTIC KNITTING BOARD and KIT sections.
Kit Includes:
* 28” Knitting Board
* Instructions and 5 projects
* DVD Basics 1- Getting started-cast on, 2 stitches, bind off and more.
* Knit hook
* (2) 4" bolts for adjusting the spacers to wider settings


  • 28 INCH KNITTINGBOARD KIT - 33% in stock